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Spring Cleaning for Your Drains

Have you heard of pressure jetting? This treatment can work wonders if you choose to do it each spring.

Drain Cleaning, pressure jetting graphic

Pressure Jetting

Your drains go through a lot. Think about it, there are tons of things that go down your drains that ends up sticking to the walls. The question is, how do you get the scum off of the walls? The answer is pressure jetting. Think of pressure jetting as a way of scrubbing your drain lines clean with a prefect sized brush. There are multiple ways to clean drains but other ways leave pieces of debris behind. Pressure Jetting leaves nothing behind. This is a great thing to do once a year, especially when your home is older. **Pressure Jetting can only be done on main lines** Call us if this treatment interests you.

Root Treatment

Roots can be a huge problem in terms of overall drain health. Roots can grow into the drains and effect their efficiency. Treat the roots to help solve the problem. Use a root treatment like Root X once every 6 months to slow their growth.


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