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Our COVID19 Policies

Here at Drain Surgeons we take safety seriously. We are working hard to be proactive and cautious in this unique time in history.

Employee wearing a Drain Surgeons Mask

Following CDC Reccomendations

The CDC has recommended various procauions be put into place due to the COVID19 virus. Here at Drain Surgeons we have a company policy of wearing masks, serializing tools, and washing our hands frequently. Although our job includes working in your home, we are doing everything we can do to limit exposure to you and your family.

Our Goal is Making You Comfortable

Here at Drain Surgeons we place a high value on your satisfaction and overall happiness. Because everyone’s situation is different, we are happy to make adjustments as needed. We are relying on you, the customer, to let us know what you are comfortable with during visits to your home. If you have any major questions or concerns about our COVID19 policies please give us a call.


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