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Fiesta Days Rodeo Highlights

This year's Fiesta Days Rodeo was one for the books. There was a night when the arena seemed too wet to compete; there were several famous cowboy appearances; and two different arena records set.

Fiesta Days Rodeo, soaked arena

Flooded Arena

On Thursday July 22nd at 7pm (the scheduled time of the event) Spanish Fork suffered a storm which ended up flooding the entire arena. Miraculously, the event was able to go on. The rodeo was sold out that night and about half the crowd stayed and participated. The contestants competed that night in the flooded arena. The show that night was a tribute to all of the amazing men and women willing to compete in less than ideal circumstances.

The following day a helicopter, pilot and the fuel was donated all by fans to dry out the arena. Fiesta Days Rodeo truly has the best fans of all time.

Famous Appearances

There were several famous cowboys who appeared and competed including JB Mooney, Sage Kimze, the Wright brothers and Kasey Fields. All of whom have competed on a national level and have won national titles in previous years.

Arena Records

This year there were two different arena records set. One in steer wrestling and the other in saddle bronc ridding.

Steer Wrestling: Ty Erickson with a time of 3.0 seconds

Saddle Bronc Riding: Lefty Holman with a score of 90.5

Congratulations to both men and all of the other contestants who made the Rodeo an amazing event to attend.

Why Fiesta Days Holds A Special Place in Our Heart

Our owners Kevin and Shar have been residents of Spanish Fork UT for 40 years. Kevin has been part of the local mens club, the Riding Club, for 40 years and has participated in the Rodeo every year with that organization. Drain Surgeons has also been a frequent sponsor of the Fiesta Days Rodeo. The Rodeo holds a special place in our heart because of our owners personal involvement. We love the people, the events and the values and morals shared at the event. We especially admire the people who come to compete. Their commitment to the sport, God, their country and their families inspire us. We look forward to continuing to participate in the Fiesta Days Rodeo for years to come.



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