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What Can a Drinking Fountain Do For Your Home?

More and more families are choosing to install drinking fountains and chilled bottle fillers in their homes. You might be asking yourself "what is the point of installing a drinking fountain in your own home, why not just use the sink?" The simple answer is that it's more convenient and its a great way to make your home feel more luxurious.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountain

More and more moms are choosing to install a drinking fountain in their garage or in their backyard. Why? Because it keeps their children hydrated. Many children will not stop what they are doing to run inside and get a drink. Installing a small drinking fountain, either in your garage or outside, is a great way to encourage hydration without interrupting their fun. We offer several styles but the one pictured above is our most popular. Call us today if you are interested in getting a quote or estimate.

Chilled Bottle Filler

Elkay Chilled Bottle Filler

A chilled bottle filler is something you have likely seen at a store, your work or public place. It is essentially like the water dispenser in your refrigerator except it is designed to fit bottles for easy filling. For avid water bottle drinkers this product is a must. Installing a chilled bottle filler in your home will add luxury and value to the overall appeal of your kitchen. AND it's a great way to protect the environment from so many plastic bottles in the landfill. We most often install (pictured above) the Elkay water bottle chillers. Call us today to get a quote and see the other options we have.


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