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Water Heater Installations, Replacements and Repairs in Provo

Water heaters are a reliable modern appliance that can stand up to household demands for years. Gas water heaters are so reliable most of the time that continuous hot water is easy to take for granted. But inevitably, every machine has problems. And when this one does, your whole family suffers. It’s especially important in places like Provo and the rest of Utah County where cold winters can turn a day without a hot shower into a day of misery.

Does Your Water Heater Need Help?

Here are some signs that your water heater could be acting up:

  • The water from your sink never gets hot.
  • Your water gets hot but takes far longer than it should.
  • Your water gets warm but not hot, or not as hot as you’re accustomed to.
  • The water has a strange tint or odor – most commonly brown or sulfuric.
  • Your water pipes make odd noises when the hot water is turned on – rumbling or whining.
Water heater installation in Provo, Utah.

Call the Trusted Experts

Drain Surgeons is one of the most recognized names in Provo. One reason is that our plumbers have more than 38 years of experience. When necessary, we can diagnose the problems with your gas water heater on the same day you call us. Our up-front pricing will enable you to make informed decisions and stay within your budget. And our customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed. Drain Surgeons is also available for routine maintenance, so you can prevent those cold-water crises altogether.

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