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Pipe Repair

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Drain Surgeons is a division of Quest Mechanical Contractors. We specialize in water heaters, garbage disposals, pipe repair, bathroom remodeling, and any of your general plumbing needs. Our owner, Kevin, is a second-generation plumber with over 40 years experience. He is committed to doing quality work at a fair price, while building long-term customer relationships.  Our prompt and honest service with knowledgeable plumbers and technicians make us stand out in the market.


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"Jesse and Kelcie came over this morning because we had a problem with our water heater. They were very professional and friendly. They made sure that we understood what the problem was, how they were able to fix it and how to avoid the problem in the future. Jesse and Kelcie were amazing! I would recommend them to anyone."
-Jacob I
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"Jesse came out on an insurance call and was extremely kind, quick, and efficient. He even took the time to look over a bill from another company that had over charged my grandmother. Jesse is a stand up guy who had me set up a free estimate (that is their policy anyway) for my grandmother so she could get a second opinion. Next time I, or anyone I know, needs a plumber I’m calling Drain Surgeons and requesting Jesse!"
- Amber W
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"Kevin is a wonderful plumber and so easy to work with. I highly recommend working with the Drain Surgeons. My wife and I were impressed with them when they came out to our house and checked on our water heater. Very professional and good people"
-Chrisopher W

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